100-Mile Radius

Comprehensive list of parks and public lands within a 100-mile radius of Raton, New Mexico.


 Bureau of Land Management

Sabinosa Wilderness


Colorado State Parks

Lathrop State Park

Pueblo Lake State Park

Trinidad Lake State Park


Colorado Wildlife Areas

Apishapa Game Management Area

Bosque del Oso SWA

Holbrook Reservoir SWA

James John SWA

Lake Dorothey SWA

Melon Valley SWA

North Lake SWA

Rocky Ford SWA

Setchfield SWA

Spanish Peaks SWA


National Forests

Carson National Forest

(Valle Vidal Unit)

(Wheeler Peak Wilderness)

(Columbine-Hondo Wilderness)

San Isabel National Forest

Santa Fe National Forest


National Grassland

Comanche National Grasslands

Kiowa National Grasslands

Rita Blanca National Grasslands


National Parks and Monuments

Capulin Volcano National Monument

Fort Union National Monument

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Rio Grande - del Norte National Monument

(Cerro del Yuta Wilderness)

(Rio San Antonio Wilderness)

National Wildlife Refuges

Las Vegas NWR

Maxwell NWR

Monte Vista NWR


New Mexico Game and Fish Access

Greenwood Area

Springer Lake

Stubblefield Lake


New Mexico State Parks

Cimarron Canyon State Park

Clayton Lake State Park

Conchas Lake State Park

Coyote Creek State Park

Eagle Nest Lake State Park

Morphy Lake State Park

Storrie Lake State Park

Sugarite Canyon State Park

Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park


New Mexico Wildlife Areas

Barker Wildlife Area

Charette Lakes Wildlife Area

Colin Neblett Wildlife Area

Urraca Wildlife Area

Wagon Mound Wildlife Area


Oklahoma  State Lands

Black Mesa Preserve

Black Mesa State Park


Outdoor-Oriented City Parks

Central Park, Trinidad

Climax Canyon Park, Raton

River Walk, Trinidad

Roundhouse Park, Raton


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NameManaged ByAcresDistanceDrive Time
Climax Canyon ParkCity of Raton20000
Roundhouse ParkCity of Raton8000
Sugarite Canyon State ParkState of New Mexico3,60040:08
Lake Dorothey State Wildlife AreaState of Colorado5,15270:19
River WalkCity of Trinidad190:25
Central ParkCity of Trinidad12190:27
Trinidad Lake State ParkState of Colorado2,860230:31
Maxwell National Wildlife ReserveUSFWS3,699210:33
Stubblefield LakeNM Game and Fish Open Gate2,300210:34
Capulin Volcano National MonumentUS Park Service793260:41
Springer LakeNM Game and Fish Open Gate700350:41
Cimarron Canyon State ParkState of New Mexico378450:57
Colin Neblett State Wildlife AreaNM Game and Fish33,116450:57
Wagon Mound State Wildlife AreaNM Game and Fish850620:59
Spanish Peaks State Wildlife AreaState of Colorado6,410281:01
Bosque del Oso State Wildlife AreaState of Colorado30,300281:02
Lathrop State ParkState of Colorado1,594531:04
Eagle Nest Lake State ParkState of New Mexico3,489531:19
North Lake State Wildlife AreaState of Colorado1,289411:21
San Isabel National ForestUSDA1,120,233601:21
Vietnam Veterans Memorial State ParkState of New Mexico30911:22
Fort Union National MonumentUS Park Service720761:22
Charette Lakes State Wildlife AreaNM Game and Fish1,901521:23
Elliot Barker State Wildlife AreaNM Game and Fish5,416391:27
Kiowa National GrasslandUSDA137,131751:29
Clayton Lake State ParkState of New Mexico471661:35
Storrie Lake State ParkState of New Mexico80951:35
Las Vegas National Wildlife ReserveUSFWS8,672991:39
Greenwood AreaNM Game and Fish Open Gate11,790411:39
Lake Pueblo State ParkState of Colorado10,000931:42
Carson National ForestUSDA1,391,674331:43
Rocky Ford State Wildlife AreaState of Colorado1,108901:44
Apishapa Game Management AreaState of Colorado8,000491:45
Rita Blanca National GrasslandUSDA92,989971:45
Holbrook Reservoir State Wildlife AreaState of Colorado717921:47
Melon Valley State Wildlife AreaState of Colorado126911:47
Coyote Creek State ParkState of New Mexico462671:55
Comanche National GrasslandsUSDA443,784631:56
Santa Fe National ForestUSDA1,558,452802:03
Morphy Lake State ParkState of New Mexico30852:05
Uracca State Wildlife AreaNM Game and Fish13,304602:08
Black Mesa State ParkState of Oklahoma348862:09
Black Mesa PreserveState of Oklahoma1,600802:12
Great Sand Dunes National Park and PreserveUS Park Service149,028702:14
Setchfield State Wildlife AreaState of Colorado2,476862:15
Rio Grande del Norte National MonumentBLM242,555702:18
Monte Vista National Wildlife ReserveUSFWS14,800992:27
Sabinoso WildernessB.L.M.19,625912:36
Conchas Lake State ParkState of New Mexico2901002:45
James John State Wildlife AreaState of Colorado8,3398na

A Little Farther

Just beyond the 100-mile mark are several other parks and public land opportunities: