Travel Time:
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
8 miles
Yes, restricted

With no vehicle access, the James M John State Wildlife Area is a wilderness for all practical purposes.  The only public access is on foot through the adjacent Lake Dorothey SWA.

As a State Wildlife Area, special rules regulate activities within the James John SWA.  In particular, note the seasonal closures as found in at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website and within the State Recreational Lands brochure.

Hiking Opportunities: Off-trail 'bushwhacking' is not only the preferred method of travel in the SWA, it's practically the only method.  There are some old ranch roads, a natural gas line, and perhaps some bulldozed fire lines.  Hikers should bring a good topo map and compass, optionally augmented by a GPS.

A spectacular view overlooking the eastern plains of Colorado is the reward for hikers who manage to reach the far north edge of the property.

Camping Opportunities:  Special rules apply for backcountry camping; for example, do not camp within 100 feet of any stream.  See the State Recreational Lands brochure for more info.

More Information:

Official website with maps.  Link.

Page with current Colorado Parks and Wildlife brochure downloads, including the Recreational Lands brochure.  Link.