Travel Time:
New Mexico Game and Fish
31 miles
34 minutes
Boat ramp.

Stubblefield Lake is private property that is open to the public thanks to an Open Gate agreement with New Mexico Game and Fish. The property includes Stubblefield Lake, Laguna Madre, and some surrounding prairie.  The property is estimated to be 2300 acres total.  Stubblefield Lake is approximately 950 acres when full, and Luguna Madre can fill to at least 300 surface acres.  During dry years the lakes can shrink to puddles, then refill quickly during monsoon rains.

There are no facilities other than a boat ramp on Stubblefield Lake.  The ramp is high-and-dry when the lake levels are low.

Few people visit Laguna Madre, a more shallow and intermittent body of water.  Stubblefield is popular with local fisherman, and the the lake is stocked by New Mexico Game and Fish.

Because the property is open through a special agreement, certain unique rules apply.  For example, there is No Trespassing on the property unless you have a current fishing or hunting license.

Hiking Opportunities:  There are no trails but you can walk around the property.

Paddling Opportunities:  Paddling is allowed on both lakes.  The larger Stubblefield Lake is sometimes used by jet skis and motorboats, which is allowed according to the posted sign, "at your own risk."

More Information:

Information sheet, including map, at the NM Game and Fish website:  PDF file

Local photography web page:  Link