Travel Time:
US Fish and Wildlife Service
21 miles
33 minutes
Boat ramp.  Visitor center.  Toilets.  Hiking trails.  Wildlife viewing areas.  Campground with picnic tables.

The Maxwell Wildlife Refuge consists of a few shallow lakes, grassland, and fields on the high plains of Northeast New Mexico near the town of Maxwell.  Only one lake, Lake 13, is accessible to the public.

Because the refuge is managed for the primary benefit of wildlife, particularly migratory birds, special regulations apply.  Most of the property is off-limits to visitors, for example, and the campground is open only seasonally.

Hiking Opportunities:  There are two small trails.  One loops through the site of a historic homestead on the north side of the refuge.  The second is on the east side of the refuge and is about 600' long.  Hiking both trails can be accomplished in 15 minutes, combined.

Paddling Opportunities:  Lake 13 is open for paddling.  Fishing boats can use the lake as well, but they are limited to trolling motors.

Camping Opportunities:  Near the Lake 13 boat ramp is a primitive vehicle-accessible campground.

More Information:

Official US Fish and Wildlife Service website:  Link

Refuge Regulations brochure:  pdf

Local photography:  Link