Travel Time:
New Mexico Game and Fish
52 miles
1 hour, 23 minutes
Picnic tables.  Latrines.  Boat ramp.

Located between Springer and Wagon Mound, Charette Lakes is a mid-size wildlife area located not far off I-25 on a mostly-paved access road.  The area is located atop a flat volcanic mesa and features two lakes, grassland, and vistas of the surrounding country.

The property is closed seasonally, check the state brochure.  And since it is managed by the Game and Fish, visitors must have either a hunting/fishing license or a GAIN permit.

Hiking Opportunities:  There are no trails, but they aren't necessary since the area is so easy to walk and navigate.

Paddling Opportunities:  The two lakes are open for paddling, and electric motors are allowed.  There is a boat ramp but in dry years it doesn't reach the water.

Camping Opportunities:  Camping is allowed on the property, and fishermen often camp overnight with trailers and campers.

More Information:

Official ENMRD web page:  Link

Game and Fish brochure with a map, closure dates, and more info:  pdf file