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City of Raton, Parks and Rec Department
80 (estimated)
Indoor Aquatic Center.  Horseshoe pits.  Boche courts.  Disc golf.  Paved fitness track.  Dog park.  Organized events.  Historic markers.
Located nearby:  Longfellow School playground.  Bonahoom baseball field.

The Roundhouse Memorial Park is located just across the tracks from Historic First Street, and behind Longfellow Elementary School.  The main feature of the park area is a multi-million-dollar Aquatic Center that is open year 'round with indoor pools, a climbing wall, and a water slide.  Other facilities are scattered around the property that is estimated to be around 80 acres total.  The Aquatic Center has various classes, open swim times, and a private room available for kids swim parties.

The Aquatic Center is also where small kayaks can be rented for use on nearby lakes at a very reasonable cost.

Some historic features are found in the park, including the last known remnant of the railroad line that once serviced the coal mines at Sugarite and Yankee.  The outline of the original roundhouse can be seen in Google Maps or other satellite/aerial images.

Hiking Opportunities:  The paved trail is over a mile long; mileage stones are placed for fitness walkers to keep track.  The park is exceptionally flat and the trail is very easy, suitable for baby strollers and walkers of all abilities.

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